Bright.HD. A lighting-display mixing.
Creative LED element. Lego-inspired performance.

Engineered with the lastest technology to give it a slim yet multifunctional profile, LegaStrip is the tech-leading LED fixture for creative lighting and screen configuration.
”LegaStrip” is the blending of three words: Lego A Strip, telling the idea of basing the fixture on unmatched flexibility. From structure, connection, installation, to the most important pixel mapping solution, LegaStrip is flexible in every way and no longer limited in screen shape and size. Maximize your creativity potential with LegaStrip. Sky is the limit.

Structure Three Layers. Simple Structure. Big Use.

With three-layer structure design, LegaStrip lets you have the real flexible uses unlike any other.

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Strip Connection Easiest connection ever with cables
or even cable-free.

To be Lego-like flexible, way to connect and install can no longer be as single. With two options for strip connection, whether to configure it into screen or use it as lighting fixture, you will always find the most suitable way to connect strips in shaping your creative design.

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Installation Wall, ground, ceiling... Everywhere it goes.

LegaStrip structure is crafted for multiple ways to install, giving you the design freedom you can ever expect. For either rental use or permanent installation, mounting LegaStrip will be efficient and trouble-free.

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Screen Configuration The most capable LED element
for screens like no other.

Get creative with LegaStrip and build your design far from conventional. Take an advantage of LegaStrip structure and easy-to-use control interface, freeform and innovative lighting display configurations will be a breeze.

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Customization Profile color and lighting effect,
alternatives open for your custom solutions.

Cover up or cover free, LegaStrip have different light effects for your design. Customize the color of strip profile for better integration with your brand and in your business space.

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