Wall, ground, ceiling…Everywhere it goes.

The smart three-layered structure of LegaStrip guarantees its unmatched flexibility when it comes to installation.Rigging

alternatives help make real more of your interesting and creative designs.



Rigging the full fixture (with substructure)


Screw Mounting


Step1. Remove the substructure.

Step2.Fix it to supporting frame by screws or other mounting hardware such as nuts, bolts, corner braces, etc.

.     Step3. Snap the rest combined layers to the substructure.

Place M6 inserts and eyebolts in the slot at the back of substructure to suspend the strip.




With exclusively designed hanging truss,suspending the strip daisy chains for screen configuration will be a breeze.The sliding

truss hooks working with U-brackets allow for custom intervals between each strip daisy chain.

Hanging installation



For hanging the seamless strip daisy chain, leave the snap-fits on cable connectors open by pushing

blocking bracket up front in order to connect and remove the strips quick and easy.





 Rigging the strip without substructure


Adjustable Bracket


There is optional bracket for ground or wall mount with adjustable angles from -60° to +60°.

90° Turnable Bracket


The brackets that fix cable connectors are 90° turnable.

Turn two-way bracket 90° to the right,and mount the strips horizontally to the supporting frame for screen configuration.